Common Prices for Lanyards and Its Accessories

It is pretty common to see people wearing lanyards these days. Whether worn by students or company employees, this product is very popular due to its functionality and customizability.

If you are planning to get one, here is a rundown of prices for various types of lanyards:

Flat Braided (Non-Breakaway)

This type of lanyard comes in a simple one color design that is stitched or embroidered together. This product costs around $60 for 100 pieces. Again, it doesn’t have a particular logo attached to it and only comes in one color of your preference. There are around 11 available colors for this product including maroon, green, black, red, yellow, orange, forest green, navy blue, teal, white and purple. This is around 3/8 in width and around 36 inches long. Buyers can choose from swivel hook, no-twist hook, trigger hook, or swivel hook as an attachment.

Flat Pre-Printed (Smooth and Breakaway)

This product comes with a price tag of around $250 per 100 pieces. This is ideal for the workplace and in schools because it comes with a pre-printed design saying “Visitor”, “Contractor” or “Staff”. It features a swivel hook and a breakaway attachment that can snap off quickly when pulled by wearer.

Custom Embroidered (Breakaway)

lanyardsThis product is customizable and buyers can add their original logo or text. This feature can turn a basic ID lace into an accessory. The logo will be embroidered into the product and buyers can choose from a variety of attachments including swivel hook, bulldog clip, and split ring. It also has a breakaway design that is a great security for small kids to avoid any choking hazard. Given the many features included in this product, it comes with a price tag of around $1500 for every 100 pieces.

Round Braided (Non-Breakaway)

This is the most cost effective sample of the many types of lanyards available today because it is made of a material that resembles that of shoelaces. It is available in one solid color and is only around 1/8 inches in width. It comes with a price tag of around $45 for every 100 pieces.To get more information about prices and lanyard styles go through

Anti-Microbial (Breakaway)

This is ideal for students and people in industries that require cleanliness. Around 5/8 inches in width, this is made of an anti-microbial material that is not present in common lanyards. If you think about it, this type of products is placed around a part of the body that is usually very sweaty. Using this type of product will ensure that your skin will always be in good health. Given that, this product comes with an MSRP of around $135.

Typical Materials Used in Lanyards


This type of material offers both great performance and affordable price. They are very comfortable to wear and can feature great logo quality at a minimum cost. Depending on the company, a product made of this material can cost under $1 even when fully customized.


This is crafted from polyester that is tube-stitched. It is similar to that of a shoelace only better because it can be printed with a customized logo. When fully customized, a product made of this material can cost only around $0.50.


This material ensures that the product will have a quality shine and construction that can be very durable even with the passing of time. This is a high quality material that provides a silkscreen finish to the end product. When bought in a bulk of around 5000 pieces, each piece can only cost around $0.69.

Cord Style

This is the newest style available in the market that offers a comfortable and classic look. It only comes with one color tone that can be printed with text message types of writings. If bought in 10,000-piece batches, each piece can only cost around $0.64.

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