Reputable SEO Firms like Chronistsempelis Explain the Ultimate SEO Myth

Uncle Google himself has said it—“No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google”. Reputable SEO firms, like chronistsempelis, accept and understand why this is so, yet many scammers still use this guarantee to promote their fake services, luring clients into their trap.

rankingHowever, the question remains; why does Google and many prominent companies in the SEO industry, such as chronistsempelis warn their clients against self-proclaimed SEO firms that promise a number one ranking? Many things factor in to this phenomenon. To help our clients know more about these factors, we have listed below the reasons why there is no such thing as a “Guaranteed No. 1 Ranking” on SEO in just 24 hours.

1) Search location matters

Search results can vary widely depending on the location of an individual. For example, when a person located in China searches for a spa and massage center, it is not unlikely that the first few pages of the search results will contain companies that offer that particular service in China. However, when that same individual flies to another location say, the United States, search results for the same service will likely reflect those offered in the United States.

Even when a user moves to a relatively nearby location, the ordering of the search results will still vary. For instance, a user who performs a search for a web design firm while in Vancouver will get a different ordering of search results when he does the same query in Seattle, thus, your ranking is highly dependent on your company’s location, and that of a search engine user.

2) The past is NOT in the past

A search engine user’s search history also plays a role on your rankings. When a user searches about a topic and is logged in to his Google account, Google takes into consideration the individual’s web history. Google then returns results related to the users past searches, thus, depending on a search engine user’s web history as saved by Google, your ranking will definitely change.

3) Nothing is constant – not even algorithms

Search engines change the algorithms that they use to determine and return search results on a regular basis. For one, Google revises an average of 400 algorithms every year. These changes can cause your website’s ordering on a search engine to either go up or go down; thus, your website’s ranking is also relative to the Google algorithms.

4) Search engines have an aversion to unreliable sites

When your website constantly experiences downtime and other technical problems, a search engine will flag your website as unreliable. This will result to fluctuations on your rankings; therefore, make sure that your website does not frequently encounter technical problems. Many SEO firms, such as us here at chronistsempelis, can help you fix these technical problems, so that search engines will not flag your website as unreliable.

5) Some keywords are better than others

keywordSome SEO companies manage to bring their clients to the first page ranking by using five or so keywords with low search volumes. When a webpage contains keywords that are not usually searched, there is little competition, thus, the page can find its way up the ranks.

However, these mediocre keywords are not usually what the users want. A webpage, which contains one or two quality search terms, is more likely to get more visitors than that which contains more but average keywords. Being a reputable SEO firm, we at chronistsempelis believe that being number one or appearing on the first page of search results is simply not enough. A webpage must contain relevant content, too.

6) A No. 1 Rank is an not an end in mind

We have said it once and we’re saying it again – being on the first page is simply not enough. Being ranked number one will not necessarily bring more traffic to your website, especially when your page contains poor keywords.

What the SEO clients should aim for is not a number one rank, but an increase in traffic, since the latter is a better metric than a number one ranking. To drive more customers to your website, you have to seek the help of reliable SEO companies, and we at chronistsempelis are among them. We employ various SEO techniques to help you achieve desirable results. When your company experiences increased traffic, only then can you say that the SEO firm has successfully done its job.

7) Ethical issues

SEO firms that guarantee their clients of results about something that is out of their control may have questionable ethics. Stay away from these firms that make highly improbable promises. Trust your instincts and our tips so that you will avoid the falling into the trap of scam SEO companies.

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