So You Got a Chat Service For your Website; What Now

Having chat service for website is a fairly recent trend. This is why not all people will get the hang of it at first. Most businesses will think, “What now?” after getting their live chat software. They are concerned about how they are going to maximize the information they have from live chat, how to improve their customer relations with chat, how are they going to strengthen their brand through chat, or how chat representatives should behave. Whatever the case may be, business will have to take extra steps after acquiring a chat service for their website.

LiveThere are some individuals who will think that chat representatives are bots instead of real people. Chat agents should be trained just like any customer service employees, but also a little different. After all, no one would doubt the existence of a salesman when they come up during a browse at a brick and mortar store. Moreover, voice technology is not that advanced yet to be able to create call representative bots. Even though a chat service is much simpler than a telephone hotline, business owners should not be lax about their representatives. After all, it’s still their business that is at stake. Chat agents represent the business. Just like any customer service platform, chat could make or break a sale.

Chat representatives must be trained to have proper chat etiquette. It’s the rule of thumb for having a live chat service for website. First and foremost, chat representatives must be knowledgeable about the business inventory and they should know their way around the website. Providing cheat sheets and FAQs can improve performance of chat agents. Chat representatives must be as engaging in chat as they are in real life. Sounding robotic or using canned responses too much might lead customers to believe they are talking to bots. Additionally, this is missing the whole point of having live chat service, which is to provide customers with “human” help.

serviceFor businesses that invested heavily on online advertising but cannot monitor their site because of lack of resources, some chat services can offer to answer chats on behalf of the business. They transform advertising clicks into potential customers. ApexChat is a specialized platform meant to return a business’ investment on online advertising to actual leads. They develop a set of canned responses specific for a certain business to use a custom script to answer chats on behalf of the business. Online advertising is very expensive and online marketing is very competitive. This is particularly helpful for small business owners who do not want their money to go to waste and cannot afford to dedicate their resources to hiring agents.

In any case, businesses should use chat service for website appropriately. The technology, if it is allowed and is utilized properly, can help make life more convenient for the business. Unlike calls, difficult accents are not an issue anymore. Chat service can also be used to obtained customer information, so businesses could follow up or sign customers up for marketing campaigns. Businesses should be wary of marketing campaigns though. Customers will not appreciate unexpected spam e-mails after conducting chat. This will go against the initial goal of live chat which is to improve customer satisfaction. Nevertheless it is still worth a try to ask customers for their contact information and if they are willing to subscribe to the company’s newsletter.

Using chat service for website goes hand in hand with online advertising. The chat service should strengthen the company’s brand. When choosing the right chat service for a business, it is important to have this in mind. After all, live chat service is designed for businesses just as much as it is designed to make life easier for customers.